2013 Farm To Glass Cocktail Contest

The Winner of Salt Lake magazines Farm To Glass Cocktail Contest for Best Cocktail - The Garden Smash by Matt Pfohl at Pallet

The winner of Drink of The night - La Hierba Verde by Scott Gardner of Finca

Salt Lake magazine's Second Annual SLC Farm-to-Glass Cocktail Contest came to an exciting conclusion Saturday night at a bash in Rico's Warehouse. Many thanks to Jorge Fierro.

More than 100 guests showed up to sample cocktails from many of the contenders in the month-long contest, to sample bites from local restaurants (Luna Blanco/Fresco, Cannella's, Tin Angel Cafe, Pop Art, Frida Bistro). And dance.

Juniper & Co. organized the event, which was the final celebration in

Salt Lake's Eat Local Challenge week.

Farm To Glass Cocktail Contest
During the month of September 12 mixologists competed for best original cocktail based on seasonal ingredients from the Downtown Farmers Market. All handcrafted cocktails contained at least 2 ingredients from participating farms from the Downtown Farmer's Market. All voting has been online and by phone- The voting period has now ended.

The Recipes:

Pallet- Garden Smash
Faustina- Mile High Merengue
ZY- Peach & Honey Cooler
Tin Angel Cafe- The Bee's Knees
Plum Alley- The Rooster
The Copper Onion- The Copper Smash
Takashi- Copper Sombrero
Frida Bistro- El Ruibarbo
Taqueria 27- Mici Cucumber & Grapefruit Mint Smash
The Wild Grape- Cornucopia
Finca | Pago- La Hierba Verde
Cafe Niche- Cherry Peach Cobbler


Copper Onion, Wild Grape Bistro, Faustina, Pallet, Takashi,
Plum Alley, ZY, Tin Angel Café, Finca, Pago, Caffé Niche,
Frida Bistro, Taqueria 27


Wilkerson Farm, Asians and Heirlooms, Blue Spring Farm,
Farmer DaveZoe’s Natural Gardens, Tagge’s Famous Fruit,
Chads Produce, Riley’s Farm Fresh, Mololo Gardens, Clifford Farms