This week's Tuesday Top Five has been topped by none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself.

With due respect to the other talented (and still huge) acts playing Salt Lake City (and environs) this week, it's pretty much impossible to top a visit by one of the Beatles.

The 68-year-old man is a legend. He's a knight.

OK, OK. Sir Paul McCartney will shatter the Rio Tinto Stadium tonight (starting at 7:30 p.m.) with his first concert visit to Salt Lake City (as part of his "Up and Coming Tour").

It's a pretty monumental affair, and what's more, Sir Paul's concert stops this year have been getting raves. Apparently, his set runs nearly three hours and is packed with about 40 songs. When this Beatle brings it, he brings it.

Honestly, I wish I was going. If you're one of the lucky audience members, please check in at SLScene tomorrow with your thoughts on the performance.

Also tonight:

Bare Naked Ladies with Mr. American Idol 2009, Kris Allen at Red Butte Garden. The action starts at 7 PM. I'll be there with a review for you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 14 Lyle Lovett and his Large Band-also at Red Butte! Although Lovett gained fame ( he was already a successful actor/musician, but here me out) as Julia Robert's flame (see), he can more than hold his own. His sometimes raspy, sometimes twangy tunes and lyrics are so heartfelt, they'll take you places.

Check him out, here and if you can, tomorrow. I hope to be there, too. Lovett's music makes my heart ache.

Thursday, July 15: Here's another whopper concert for you: James Taylor and Carole King, at Energy Solutions Arena (7:30 PM). It's their Troubadour Reunion. Wow. Kinda like with Sir Paul, there's so much and so little to say about these two. Classic, iconic, magnificent. I was lucky enough to catch JT back when I was in high school, a million years ago. Now he's back in my new city, and like all the best things from youth, never gets old.

Saturday, July 17: Since we're talking about throwbacks, let's give it up for Ben Folds, formerly known to those in my demographic as Ben Folds Five. The piano riffs in Landed always did it for me, and if you can make it to Deer Valley, they'll surely do it for you. What's more, Ben Folds will play with the Utah Symphony as part of the Deer Valley Music Festival. It's truly going to be an event. The music starts at 7 PM.