'K, so we poached part of this tidbit from the AP, you know - all about how Utah growing its movie biz to more than 1,200 jobs created in the last year pumping in $53 mil. into the economy during 23 production days.

Editor's Note: We totally thought it was 1,200 films, not jobs, at first. Whoops.

Yes, we're looking forward to Pixar's first live-action (and perhaps the film that will break 'The Streak') 'John Carter from Mars' (shot in Utah); but waaaaay more psyched on Danny Boyle's (yes, the greatest director of all time, ever) '127 Hours' which stars awesome James Franco as Aron Ralston the 10x more badass than you climber who sawed his own arm off with a dull blade when it got stuck in a crevasse whilst climbing in Moab.

(And yes, the film -according to our sources- was shot on a set in Sugar House, not so much on the rocks in Moab).

Here's Boyle's track record/why he's going to do this horrific/heroic Utah-style story justice:

Incredible crime thriller? Check:

Greatest movie of all time? Check:

Best guilty pleasure flick, ever? Check:

Zombie-fab? Check:

Most underrated film ever? Check:

And, the most over-rated? Check: