Susie Merback Thom Owner/Educator The PEEK Program 10 Pinebrook Road, Park City 435-649-9188

E arly schooling for her child is one of the most difficult challenges a working mother can face. Ideally, your child will spend the time away from you in a loving, creative and healthy environment, a place that will reinforce the lessons learned at home and in school. That's what Susie Thom's PEEK Program is designed to provide.

Ten years ago, Park City public schools only offered a half-day kindergarten; Susie augmented an old college friend's education business by instituting full as well as half-day programs. Now, The PEEK program offers Kindergarten, preschool, summer camps and after-school programs with pick-up available from all Park City public schools. Located in a landmark Park City log cabin at the mouth of Pinebrook, The PEEK Program has become a Park City mainstay.

"I've been lucky enough to have been surrounded with generous, smart, education-minded women who have been willing to share their knowledge," says Susie. "It is through this open-door policy approach that my business has been able to thrive over these years. My focus is, 'How can I make this school better, safer, more creative, educationally sound and a reliable resource for parents?' If I can continuously do these things I believe the rest will follow."