Post-fame brooding now seems the order for Kings of Leon, the Nashville-based band of mostly brothers who can sell out MSG about as fast as the Boss, remain double big in Europe but still deign to swing by West Valley's USANA Ampitheatre en route to Denver's Comfort Dental Amphitheatre (catchy.)

Caleb Followill on lead vocals/rhythm guitar -brother Jared on bass, brother Nathan on drums and cousin Matthew on lead guitar follow the Stillwater meta-example of family life on the road for the successful collective Southern son(s) of a pentecostal preacher man; tracing Southern Rock's roots to road dust blues without a hint of Kid Rock-like ham-fisted hip hop infusion into bass-injected Marshall stacks.

The Kings play guitar music, just like great-grandparents Skynard did - albeit there is no 'Free Bird' in the repertoire of the brothers Followill; instead, and perhaps in spite of grander instinct, they now tread ground more familiar to those who bob heads to the likes of Coldplay and Jack Johnson - new-line paragons of taut pop sent from a genre nearly formed.

"Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire" -both insta-chart toppers and perhaps two of the more lamented tracks in the band's prolific decade history- cemented the quartet's foray into Coldplay territory as "Only by the Night" - the band's fourth album - sold more than a quarter million units in its first week of release in the fall of 2008. In fact, "Night" relieved "Viva La Vida", Coldplay's collection of vapid encores and forays into trampled musical landscapes, of its no. 1 spot on the pop charts upon its release.

In the two years that followed, the Followills have traversed North America and Europe dripping schwag to the mess of fans they seem to have scared up, yet still dropping sets that belie the onset megastardom the once-recalcitrant gospel crooners have stumbled upon.

Look for more downtrodden and defiant Great Recession-era singles like "Crawl", "Knocked Up" and "Black Thumbnail" to pierce the Wasatch night sky Monday.

The post-mega-success (their latest DVD is the sold-out show at London's O2 Arena) edginess from a band that will never go hungry again may be deliberate - but the anger that fueled them as broke teens stuffed into an '88 Olds on a road to nowhere playing at tent revivals, is intact.