We (the editors) are introducing a new Monday blog series about the magnificence that was our weekends.

I'll still be posting reviews, but will also provide nutshells on my latest happenings.

So what did I do? I moved. That should really sum it up, right? (Look for a SLmag blog, soon about how hard it was to find a decent affordable place here in SLC, and then the weirdness that ensued once I did sign a lease.)

Anyways, the word of the weekend (and today) is fatigue.

I attended the OrangUtahn Fundraiser last Thursday night at the Anderson-Foothill branch library. Hogle Zoo residents Elijah, Acara, Eve and Talukan painted modern creations which the Zoo auctioned to help raise money to protect fellow (and endangered) orangutans in Borneo. (More artwork will remain at the library for sale through Aug 28.)

Let's just say the orangutans' art was impressive! Apparently, the Hogle orangutans choose to paint--nothing is ever forced, and they enjoy the creative release.

Acara is the most prolific painter, while Elijah is said to 'taste' his paint before choosing a color. That's some serious art, right there.

Here were my two favorite paintings:

This one is by Elijah...


This one is by Eve. Apparently she gets so worked up while painting, that she breaks all of her brushes in the process. I love the passion!

On Saturday, I was very sorry to miss Ben Folds with the Utah Symphony at Deer Valley as a) I heard the concert was fantastic and b) I lovvvveee Ben Folds!

The evening still proved interesting, though: I committed to attending Lisa Williams' appearance at the Capitol Theatre.

I interviewed Williams for the current issue of Salt Lake Magazine, intrigued by her talent-which is talking to the dead.

I showed up wearing my grandmother's bracelet, hoping she or another loved one (or all, who've passed) would show up.

Instead, Williams seemed to give relatively few readings, but they were intense and highly detailed. It almost seemed the readings were directed toward those who really needed them; people who were still grieving a loss.

One death was a drowning, another a suicide-at one point I was in tears as Williams walked into the audience to give one particular woman a hug from her deceased brother, whom she'd believed to die alone. He hadn't.

In all, it was an interesting, mind-opening experience. Williams made it hard to even consider skepticism. Instead, and this will sound corny, but the pervading energy in the room was simply love.


So that was my weekend in Salt Lake City.

Now back to more packing, to finish my move. Yes, I'm going to miss Kings of Leon tonight-another band whose songs stir me up. I'd love to hear from anyone who goes (send a note in the comments section, below), or if you happened to attend the Lisa Williams or OrangUtahn event.