Too many screens, kids. If they're not watching TV, they're probably playing video games or on the Web. It could lead to chubbiness and chances for ADHD, bipolarity and increased aggression (especially when someone on their own Halo team shoots them).

The majority of adults have also never heard of National Day of Unplugging (TVs, computers, lamps, everything). Don't blame the generation. You're part of the problem.

Here's our list of the top five ways to fix things and get the kids away from the screens, YouTube and Facebook, this summer:

1. Youth Education at the U 1901 E. South Campus Drive, SLC

Tons of classes and camps in almost anything you can imagine. Scientific Superheroes, Music of Math, languages, etc. Camps and classes for kids 2 to 18. They are held on the U camps and across the Wasatch Front. Click here for more info

2. Redwood Recreation Center's pool 3060 S. Lester Street, West Valley City

We know just about every rec center has a pool and every place in the valley has a rec center, but Redwood's is only $2 for the outdoor pool. Yeah, we thought you'd like that. Click here for more info

3. Salt Lake Art Center's Contemporary Masters 20 S. West Temple, SLC

Artists designed 18 fully-playable holes/works of art, and it's free. The Salt Lake magazine mini-golf team (myself, Jeremy Pugh, Lara Rosenbaum and Mary Brown Malouf) will be on the course tomorrow evening. Click here for more info 4. Bingham Canyon Mine 12800 S. State Route 111, Bingham Canyon

I've written on the mine a couple times in Kid-friendly and even brought it up in the magazine once, but with good reason. It's enough just to watch the dump trucks, big enough to carry 320 tons of ore in the world's largest man-made excavation. Oh, and it's free until the 25th. Click here for more info

5. Swaner EcoCenter 1258 Center Drive, Park City

Nature preserve in the Wasatch Back with trails, exhibits, tons of animals and great kid's birthday packages: A room for cake and a choice of the wetlands climbing wall, nature walk (including bug hunt) or snowshoeing. Click here for more info

FYI: National Day of Unplugging is in March. Why didn't they put it in summer?