I tried to draft a list earlier, but everything I came up with sounded more like like the Tuesday's Bottom Five, which isn't even alliterative. (Two examples: I tripped over my own coffee cup and the axle fell off my car. I doubt you want to hear any more.)

But I ate lunch today-and spent much of the afternoon, surprisingly-at the Grand America, and that gave me enough fodder for the five.

Top Five Cool Things About the Grand America (If you're like me, and honest, you probably didn't know there was even one cool thing about Grand America and all you remember is the hallucinatory floral carpet in the Garden Room.)

1. They make their own veggie burgers and they're really good. 2. They make a fantastic grilled Beehive Cheddar cheese sandwich on brioche bread with braised shortrib beef on top and balsamic onions. 3. You can go swim in their outside pool for $25 and it's one of the only pools in town (I was told "only" but that word makes me nervous) with a liquor license. 4. They serve lovely puffy little ebelskivers with raspberry, chocolate cinnamon and caramel sel sauces for dessert. 5. Their new chef, Phillip Yates, is from Austin, Texas and recently served Frito pie at a fundraiser.

Who knew?

I always thought you had to have a recommend just to go in the Grand America-it's so monolithically big and white.

Something about that carpet made me think that chicken salad sandwiches would be the high point of the lunch menu and you better be wearing your Laura Ashley and maybe white gloves to be seated.

But when I walked in, there was a six-top seated with five husky guys in short-sleeved shirts, no ties, chowing down on the Land & Sea burger (Niman Ranch beef patty with 3 tempura shrimp), red trout sandwich (topped wtih coleslaw and preserved lemon)and individual meatloaves.

So there it is, in the nick of time, my Tuesday Top Five, the summing up of taking another gander at Grand America. And if I could make it more than five, I'd mention the chicken and dumpling soup—clear roast chicken broth with little chunks of olive-oil poached chicken breast, crisp slivers of carrot and celery and precious little dumplings sort of like gnocchi.