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I love Greek Souvlaki, 400 E. 300 South, when I'm lunching out of the office, but every time I pass Su Casa with its huge banner above the entry "Lunch Special $4.99."

Decided to cut my trip toward my regular gyro with the red sauce and lemon rice short a couple weeks ago and see what I could get for at Su Casa for $5. A plate-size bean and cheese burrito covered with enchilada sauce and a side tostada covered with beans, lettuce, tomato and sour cream. As expected, tortilla chips and salsa are on every table.

It's a lot for a quick lunch, so go hungry. The food comes out quick, even with the huge lunch crowd (they must have also seen the banner). The service is friendly - I must have been thanked for coming by three different people on my way out. Minus your drink, the bill comes to $5.38 with tax, and a 20 percent tip is only $1, but waitress Kumiko is so attentive you have to leave her a little more.

The place is smaller than it looks from the street, but the patio is huge. So, they should have a table waiting for you outside.

Later on, the $8 dinner special will get you a chile verde burrito with choice of meat, smothered in enchilada sauce and cheese, a cheese enchilada, rice and refried or black beans.

Not the best Mexican I've ever had, but definitely the best for the price. That's the dealio.

Su Casa Mexican Restaurant 516 E. 300 South, SLC Click here for more info

They also have two locations in Logan, one in Midvale and one in Bountiful