Snowbird owner Dick Bass is thinning the herd of his storied biggest single Oriental Rug collection in the US.

Those who peruse Snowbird's Web site or frequent the Cliff Lodge are privy to the rug liquidation sale going on right about at the resort.

That's right - Marco Polo, a gallery/shop for all-things-Oriental, is getting rid of some rug backstock.

A Marco Polo spokeswoman told that Bass had about 300 rugs in storage and that there was "just a lot of overflow" in the store and in storage. "We're not a dealer," she said, "we're really just trying to move these (rugs) up and out.

Rugs are currently about 70 percent off retail, she said. Out-of-state shipping is free and those who want to buy in bulk are also eligible for even deeper discounts.

Prices range from $450 to more than $18,000 and the summer sale goes till the 200-plus rugs in stock are gone.

Sort of, you know - like this:

Click one of the below to download a pdf of carpets for sale:

Marco Polo's

The Cliff Lodge, Level C (801) 933-2255 in house - 5566