I keep sitting here staring at my computer looking for words to write, things to say, justifications to make, but I can't come up with anything other than 'It's official, I'm doomed."

I was having one of those days already, and then this lovely little link appeared in my inbox. I was already aware of it, but Travel + Leisure went all out and confirmed it: SLC is one of the worst places in the USA for singles.


The mag names the 32 best cities for singles who are ready to mingle and there is no mention of the Salty City. This led me to the google machine in search of more statistics, more proof, more encouragement that maybe, just maybe, this was not true and that there was some hope for me.

And then I found this:

Yes, according to a study of 40 cities a la Forbes Magazine, Salt Lake City ranks number 39 out of 40 in 'Best Cities for Singles'. Forbes based the ranking on seven categories on a scale of 1 to 40 and totaled them to determine the final rating, SLC did not fair well. (Yeah, our 'coolness' factor came in at a 33/40.....1 was the coolest.)

So, what's a single girl to do in SLC?

I've already run the dating gamet of my inner circle (friend's? check. Neighbors? check. Brother's friends? Check. Friend's friends? Check.) and none of those seemed to work out so well, not to mention a bit of awkwardness in the aftermath.

I've tried the bar/music/local scene but it seems that everyone attends these places with their significant other. (Which makes it really awkward when you mistake his wife for his sister. oops.)

Well, at least I can blame it on the city rather than myself.

Am I going to have to convert and join the singles ward? Or are there ways to meet people in SLC? Thoughts? Tips? Marriage proposals? Help me out!