For this week's top five, I'm going to just make a highlight pick: Beirut at Pioneer Park.

I've long been a fan of the Twilight Concert Series but the Modest Mouse crowd (not necessarily rowdy-just mega huge at 40,000 plus) turned me off. Apparently, though, the scene at last week's Girl Talk show was more subdued, with more room to breathe. So if that's the case then this Thursday's show should be just fine.

So here we go: Beirut. They are so cool. Think indie/folk with a lot of gypsy music. In fact, lead singer and founder Zach Condon was heavily influenced by a European trip he took at 19. He recorded the band's first album, Gulag Orkestrar shortly thereafter. Now they've recorded another album, March of the Zapotec and are making their very first appearance in Utah.

With Beirut, you get lots of instruments (violin, mandolin, organ, accordian, horns-you name it) and a rolling almost Smiths-like sound. But much more rich, if that makes sense. Basically, this Thursday's show is set to be a cornucopia of sound. I'll be there. Will you?

Check them out playing Scenic World in Toronto: