Hard to believe it's been almost two decades ('91) since the then biggest-selling country group of all time (20 million records, and counting) broke up.

The Judds, mother Naomi and daugher Wynonna, had a run of 14 no. 1 singles and garnered more than 60 industry awards from 1984 to 1989.

The duo paved the way for Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift - women who take little bit of harmony, a little bit of bluegrass and a little Appalachian folk - infuse it with pop sensibility and sex appeal - and call it country.

Naomi had Wynonna at 17 and moved her family (daugher Ashley came later by husband Michael Ciminella - Wynonna's father Chalrles Jordan was not so much in the picture and died in 2000) from Ashland, KY to Los Angeles when she was only 22.

After a divorce and a decade of several country song-inducing bad relationships and deadbeat part-time jobs, the eldest Judd pointed wagons east back to Kentucky where mom and the girls lived in the mountains with no phone or TV.

It was then the pre-teen Wynonna began playing guitar and harmonizing with her mother.

In the late-70s, the Judds moved to Nashville in hopes of making it big. Less than four years later the group was signed to RCA and their first single "Had a Dream" reached the country top 20. Wynonna was still shy of 20.

Fast-forward three decades and Wynonna has released seven solo albums, written a best-selling autobiography and even went on Oprah to talk about dealing with food dependency. Most recently, she's reconciled with her mother (2010 reunion tour tix on sale) and Ciminella, the man she considers her father.


When: 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 20

Where: Deer Valley Resort´s Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater

What to expect: A little bit of country, a little bit of blues, gospel, adult contemporary. Don't expect a Judds review, but she will throw in a few top-10s including "No One Else on Earth", "To Be Loved by You" and "I Saw the Light". Melodrama seemingly in the rearview, Wynonna pleases crowds by pleasing herself.