True story: Last summer I was walking my little dogs in a Park City neighborhood. I didn't have a yard, so would take them out (on a leash) for some exercise a few times each day.

It was a lovely, cloudless day, and we walked on the street (there were no sidewalks in this neighborhood). As we neared a driveway (the house was set a couple hundred yards back from the road), the homeowner's dogs saw us (smelled us?) and ran out to the road. My dogs had been quiet, minding their own business and within seconds we were getting attacked-by a large golden retriever. (Yes, a big, safe family dog.)

The homeowner had been gardening, heard me struggling and ran out to help. Her dog was viciously attacking one of mine, and somehow, the owner picked my dog up. Her dog even lunged up and bit my dog's belly-before biting his owner in the face. Next, he turned and grabbed my other little dog and shook her in his mouth.

I can't tell you how terrifying this was, with everyone screaming and her dog obviously out of control. He had run out from the doorstep-completely unprovoked-into the road and started attacking. When it was over, his bleeding owner simply tapped his nose and said, "You!" She then proceeded to apologize to me and tell me how it had never happened before.

Fast forward some thousands of dollars, a stress-related condition and abdominal surgery later (for my dog who took the worst of it and yes, paid by me), I moved to Salt Lake, hoping the dog scene would be more under control. Instead, there seem to be even more dogs running around loose. People play frisbee with their dogs in the street and let them out freely onto the front lawn (and everyone else's front lawns). They walk their dogs without leashes on the city sidewalks.

Of course, everyone's dogs are "completely safe, under control, etc.." Thing is, I don't buy it. And to boot, my dogs were so traumatized by last summer's attack, they tremble and bark whenever another large one comes up to "greet" us.

I don't want to be greeted by loose dogs, no matter how much I love the species. I even had one guy's "really well-behaved" dog jump up on me repeatedly when I was simply walking up the street.

I realize that only a handful of states have leash laws, but several cities can have the jurisdiction to implement them. So where the heck is ours?

I don't want loose dogs running around. That's what dog parks and yards are for.

I want to be able to walk the sidewalks in peace, and I don't care how well-behaved someone's dog "usually" is: I've seen the switch flip, seen the chaos-and paid for it out the nose.

Salt Lake could use a leash law. I don't understand why we don't. Anyone else on board?