Pioneer Day, the Day's of 47, July 24th or whatever you want to call it is a Utah state holiday first celebrated in 1849 in honor of Brigham Young and other LDS Church members trek to the Salt Lake Valley two years earlier.

After enduring hardships such as freezing temperatures and sickness, the pioneers set up camp and made Salt Lake their new home. Pioneer Day is marked with heavily-LDS-rooted events, but it can still be fun for those who aren't LDS-rodeos, fireworks, food and parades, and not to mention, the day off work.

But, In the event that I get a day off to do whatever I want with whomever I want, I usually go camping. This is one of those weekends. As soon as I get off work at 1 a.m. Friday, I will hit the open road and head up to Wyoming's Mirror Lake.

Yes, I will forego all parades featuring spray-glittered miniature models of LDS Temples and pioneer dress, tame fireworks and crowds-I'm not big on crowds. It will be me, mi familia, nature and lots and lots of space. Four-wheeling and fishing will be part of my future, as well as hobo dinners, smores, nature walks and eventually we'll sit around a well-fed fire where I'm sure my mother and step-father will tell me and my boyfriend things I'd rather not know, per usual.

This is where I'll be going. Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, Wyoming

So, I recommend, if crowds aren't your thing, drive out and get you some R & R time with good `ol Mother Nature. Some of my favorite places in Utah to go are Goblin Valley, Spirit Lake and near the Causey reservoir in Huntsville.