The fail whale is moving to Salty town.

Twitteer engineering head Jean-Paul Cozzatti posted a message on the mega-social-networking site (which gets, on average, 300k new users daily) Wednesday that some of the tech side is trading the 415 for the 801.

That means some of the IT guys will be packing up for the Beehive - the company plans to open a new data operations center in the SLC by year's end.

(Don't get too excited, if Twitter were a Post-War family, the move would be the equivalent of putting the backyard bomb shelter to the Beehive).

Cozzatti, on the company's tech blog said he's excited about the move for "several reasons."

Could this be one?

Or maybe this?

Or, how 'bout ...this?

And while the big stars will stay and play in SF, those hunkered down in a bunker monitoring the network's system configuration in the SLC will be treated to, you know, a building equipped with unique "power and cooling" systems (like our offices in Trolley Corners - cold in the winter, hot in the summer).

See you guys at Chow Truck.