Let it be not said that I am not a Pioneer Day Veteran.

And no, I didn't do a 'Pie 'n Beer' party (weak) ...when in Rome, or Mecca ...or Happy Valley-do as the natives do.

That's why, you know, if I'm in SF on the third Sunday in May - I run Bay to Breakers; if I'm in Portland the third week of July, I'm at the Oregon Brewfest; if I'm in Nevada on Halloween, I'm dressed up and boozin', philanderin' and gamblin' celebrating Nevada Day (oops, that's pretty much every day in Nevada - but you get the picture.)

Cut to, waking up at 5:30 a.m. Saturday to kick off Pioneer Day at the source (Provo) at the Trapnell Orthodontics Pioneer Day Classic (5k, 10k) which included the following:

Folks running in Pioneer garb:

Blaze cheerleaders (?!):

Mini hyperbolic tents:

Kids. Lots of kids. Bounce house. Giant bounce house:

Incredible 'Pioneer' breakfast of modest (portion) French Toast and honey-butter:

Kids trampling each other (and the Blaze cheerleaders) during the Kids' Race:

Nope. No parade camping here. But I think Run 13 put on a show in Provo capturing the true Pioneer spirit, and that is: If you run your ass buns off, you get to eat.