Give Chelsea Handler credit for occupying the white hot mess cream puff crevasse between Katy 'Waiting for Boobs to Fall Out' Perry and Joan 'Comeback no. 72' Rivers.

The Jersey-bred comedian is one part fake 'n bake, one part Coug conspirator (and, since we're the same age - that's where the onset middle-age references stop) and one part vodka marketing genius - make that Belvedere Vodka marketing genius.

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, her latest sorta non-fiction/ghostwritten/NYTimes bestseller for how many weeks (?!) chronicling the self-aggrandizing misadventures of an LA waitress turned sorta super-famous late night gab queen/ex-girlfriend of her network's boss, is supported by a stand-up tour where Chelsea-ites can get a whiff of her Windsong and pose for a Polaroid (if Polaroid were still around) plus hear some oft-told awkward one-night stand jokes, going-no.2-on-dates jokes, peppered with her actually funny 'people who talk in months about their baby's age' offerings.

What makes her tour stop next week in SLC notable (5 p.m. Book signing at Sam Weller's followed by 8 p.m. performance at Abravanel Hall Friday, Aug. 6) is we're the fifth night on a mega six-month 30-plus city tour, which means you'll get a not-knackered Chelsa and perhaps even catch some of the kinks getting worked out.

Ms. Handler rarely goes off piste with her comedic stylings, but if she were to veer away from morning-after-pill, helicopter blows away wedding and almost-genial baddie boyfriend tales, SLC would be ripe territory; I mean, what terminally single girl doesn't want to pick apart polygamy?

Tix still available here