Beyonce's Husband liked a used letterman's jacket so much - he tapped O-Town's Coleman Knitting Mills to replicate it for his Artful Dodger - think throwback plaids and ghetto-fab baggy (not skinny) jeans - boutique clothing line.

The Ogden company has specialized in making letterman jackets for more than 60 years; the family-owned brand also makes "club sweaters, cheer uniforms, chenille emblems and embroidery."

Jigga found a 1970 letterman jacket in a thrift store and his peeps contacted Coleman (and yes, insiders said they thought it was a clever joke) and now a version of the jacket featuring Artful Dodger's 'AD' logo will be rocked along with yucky Rockawear.

Dick Coleman, grandson of founder William Coleman, suggested to HOVA's people that he could get a replica jacket made cheaper in China - but Jay wanted the real deal.

Eighty-eight jackets shipped last week, retailing for about $300 each.

So, if the 'AD' letterman jacket makes its way back to TJMaxx, is that the end of Utah's brief courtship with Rock-a-fella ...or is this just the beginning?

(Courtesy ABC4)

Oh, and would you throw down $300 for an O-tastic replica of your Dad's pride-and-joy?