Local artist Anna Campbell Bliss' work w/ the Bauhaus school in 1920s Germany inspires her today, as she creates works of art with architecture, mathematics, computer science and painting in her art. She is also a Harvard-trained architect and pioneer for American modern art.

All of this is being put on film.

Black Opal Productions and director Cid Collins Walker plan to premiere Arc of Light: A Portrait of Anna Campbell Bliss next year, and details regarding the premiere will be forthcoming. You can see Anna's artwork Windows now at the Utah State Capitol or on the new Web site.

SLmag has followed the project over the past few months, and the production team finally got their Web site together— in hopes of reaching the fundraiser goal of $60,000 this year.

Click here to visit the new site.

We sent our photographer Francie Aufdemorte to the film’s recent fundraiser at the Finch Lane and Park Galleries, but only had space for three photos in our July issue. Here’s what didn’t make it into the magazine:

Lynn and Ruth Morgan watch the trailer for the documentary Arc of Light.

Klancy and Noel de Nevers, Jong Soo Hallet and Brooke Hashimoto.

The crowd mingles with libations amongst Rob Heiss art.

Sam Sampinos speaks with artist Anna Campbell Bliss.

These ones actually did make it in:

Side Uyetake, Cid Collins Walker and Rosemary Mitchell.

Brooke Hashimoto, Jong Soo Hallet and artist Anna Campbell Bliss.