Three of the four Wiggles were pre-school teachers before they started the children's program, two played in the 80s Australian pop-rock band The Cockroaches, and they are all, more or less, the way you see them on TV in reality.

Anthony Field (blue) really does love fruit salad, Murray Cook (red) has a huge guitar collection, Sam Moran (yellow) is a trained opera singer and Jeff Fatt (purple) is as laid back as his sleepy alter ego.

The Australian fab four come to the Maverik Center for the Wiggly Circus Live on Aug. 3. Click here to win tix. Jeff Fatt describes the show as a cross between a Broadway show and a circus. Tons of acrobatics and tumbling, assisted by actual gymnasts to make the guys look good.

The show has already been all over the world: USA, UK, Asia, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. I chatted with Jeff Fatt about the show, the group and their trip to Utah. He managed to stay awake the entire time, and remembers Utah from the Eagle Gate in downtown SLC.

What's with your character always falling asleep?

"It's a way to engage the children without doing anything, and it's a really empowering thing for a kid to yell 'wake up' to a grown up. I also think it's a big extension of my personality."

What will we see at the show?

"Summersaults, trapeze work and slightly more daring stuff, but not to the extent of Cirque du Soleil. All of the acrobatics will go with the Wiggles music, too. There's really not a dull moment in the show, and the parents will enjoy it as much as the children."

What's in it for the parents?

"We always try to make it work on both levels. There might be a joke the parents will get, but at the same time someone might be falling over. We always have a lot going on onstage."

How do the Wiggles like to travel?

"We always do it by tour busses. It's the easiest way to get around American and relieves the stress of traveling through airports. So, we just bus to the hotel and the venue, and on our day off we go to a shopping mall somewhere."

When you travel is your bus all wiggled out?

"It's actually very discreet. It's silver and has bunks in it, so we can sleep between cities. We've had trips up to 18 hours, but usually six or seven."

Will the kids get to meet you at the show?

"We usually hold our meet and greets with programs for children with disabilities or are sick. We see them a lot, and it's really nice they get a kick out of it."

Do you change the show based on the location you perform?

"We pretty well keep it the same. We might change small things like the fruit we eat on stage. In Dubai it was dates. We also might mention some of the local landmarks and things like that."

Any message to parents?

"It's a wonderful family event. If it's your child's first show, take them in gently. It could be a totally new experience, but they will enjoy it when they get accustomed to the arena."

Will the kids get to wake you up at the show?

"Oh, it's guaranteed they'll have to wake me up."