So, the entire outdoor steeze world descends on the SLC this weekend for the world's most massive gear trade show.

And, I know it's kind of a stretch, but 'OR' sorta always reminds me of this clip from Rushmore; 'I like your nurse's uniform guy':

Digression, digression - OR, is kind of more like Fight Club, especially after the witching hour of 5 p.m.: First rule of OR, don't talk about OR:

If you're an insider/in the mix it's four days of boozy fun on the corporate dime. If you're an upstart company, it's sort of a make-or-break time.

Thoughts go back to Moment Ski's first Winter OR booth a couple years back where they pretty much blew everything they had getting from Reno to SLC and setting up their booth; and remainder of their marketing budget on 60 cases of PBR Tall Boys give out.

Did it work? Let's just say that you can't buy the kind of goodwill and marketing that a tallboy in a convention center can; and Moment had its karmic happy ending as it went on to take center stage at the '10 games, thanks to freestyle legend Shannon Bahrke and a host of other Moment riders.

Who will be this year's OR Cinderella story? What product will be a one-and-done VC flash in the pan?

Here's a quick look at the OR highlights (Tuesday through Friday, Aug. 2-6 at the Salt Palace) and the can't-miss parties/events:

Industry Party: Yeah, yeah - it's sort of prefab, but the Wednesday evening party is on Pierpont during the SLC Summer Market kickoff. There'll be Cornhole, beach volleyball and, er, booze. Grab a lanyard and best cornholer gets a mktg. job w/Merrell (right? RIGHT!?)

TNF pull-up contest (11 a.m. Tuesday-Thursday @ Climbing Zone). I mean, who doesn't love a pull-up contest? Who doesn't love North Face? All gravy baby (and a good way to work off the Monday night hangover; Nemo Women's pull-up contest is @ 4:30 p.m.).

Women's Climbing Calendar Signing (3 p.m. Tuesday @ Climbing Zone). I mean, this pretty much speaks for itself, no?

What women want. And how to convince them you've got it (Noon at SLC Downtown Marriott). Check this description: The female consumer doesn't fit one mold: there's the hard-core adventurer, the first-time triathlete, the stroller-jogging mom, and one lucky lady who's all of the above. What do they have in common? From the moment they get online to their first long run in a new pair of shoes, these women want an authentic, custom-fit experience. Boo yeah!

Access Fund Happy Hour (5 p.m. Thursday @ Climbing Zone). Trolling for happy hour.