We're a magazine ...most of the time.

And September is when the bomber covers come out ...most of the time.

Our top 5 picks for September issues (starting with the best, no suspense here).

1) Gaga on VF. Gray nails, no ironic props and Sienna 'do:

2) Australia Vogue: HATE. COVER. LINES. (finally someone got the memo)

3) Clearly Vogue Nippon didn't get the coverlines memo, but they DID get Natasha Poly:

4) Elle UK w/Emily Blunt. That Jim Halpert is one lucky man:

OK, so we only got to four... skipping nos. 5-11 and we come to no. 12, Katy Parry on RS - looking coquettish, scrubbed clean and non-neon:

...You'll just have to wait it out for ours (hint: no Katy Perry)