My five this week are future happenings on my radar; five tickets I plan to buy and events I'm really looking forward to. Here we go.

1. Bob Dylan at Deer Valley, August 17 (7:30 PM)

I'm afraid to say it because I haven't yet gotten mine, but tickets are still available for this show. The Deer Valley Snow Park Amphitheater is gorge enough, and then a legend there like Bobby D? Wowzers.

I basically went on Dylan's tour oh, nearly 20 years ago, following him around the east coast. Santana opened up, then, and one time, when my friend and I were running late, we thought we missed Santana. Instead, Dylan had switched things up and opened the show, so we ended up missing our real draw. Bummer. But I'm looking forward to seeing him play at DV. I know it will be nothing short of magical. (

2. Dinner for Schmucks

I'm a big fan of Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd, so that alone is enough for me. But the film, based on the French comedy Le Diner de Cons looks pretty silly and fun (Rudd's mean boss instructs him and others to invite 'idiots' to a dinner party).

Sure, I don't expect this film to change my life, and I already saw Inception (which didn't change my life, either, but it was twisty and interesting). But Dinner for Schmucks will surely induce some laughs. It opened last weekend, so it's in theaters, now.

3. Matisyahu at Pioneer Park, August 13 (gates at 5 PM)

Next Thursday, Matisyahu will play the 2010 Twilight Concert Series at Pioneer Park. I will be there. Will you?

Yes, it's free, but this one's still a hot ticket. Matisyahu is fabulous--mixing Reggae, hip-hop and indie sounds with uplifting, positive and yes life-changing lyrics.

Look for a preview with an exclusive interview on early next week. I had the honor of speaking with Matis yesterday. He's peaceful and passionate-NBC chose his single One Day as their Olympic theme song if that says something to you. He gets under your skin like that.

4. Yoga Confidential, Salt Lake Acting Company: August 27, 28 (7 PM)

This event will be cool. Directed and performed by dancer Stephen Brown, the show is a mix of dance, theater and satire. It's the "Rat Bastard's Inside Guide to Yoga and Surrounding Regions," after all. Doesn't the irreverent subtitle intrigue you? It intrigues me, so I plan to be there!

( 5. Vampire Weekend, Sept. 2, In the Venue

I missed them when they were here this spring. If you did, too, here's your chance to catch them. They'll play Labor Day weekend, which, while it marks the end of summer will seem anything but. Vampire Weekend's summery guitar riffs will make you feel like you're right in Cape Cod with them. (Check them out below.) If that's not enough, Beach House will open things up. Their name says a lot, though their alt indie style is mellower than Vampire Weekend's. Think of it as a summer evening sound, when you kick back under the stars after everyone's left the barbeque. ( for tickets.)

Readers: Tell me about your upcoming picks. Which events can't you wait for?