Kimball Art Center's gala was a big hit Friday night. The only negative was the parking that was a mess. Next year hold it on a weeknight instead of the night before the Art Festival starts-  it will alleviate the angst of waiting 25 minutes in your car waiting for the valet.

The hit of the night for the 350 guests was the food. Prepared by long-time catering guru, Eilen Dunn (Done ToYour Taste Catering, 435-783-3909), the breast of chicken was divine, moist and succulent- it almost melted in your mouth. The main course was complimented with a medley of vegetables and whipped potatoes in a superb brown sauce. As my wife said, "This isn't banquet food; it's like eating a wonderful home-cooked meal". How Ms. Dunn and her staff pulled this off given the make shift kitchen they operated from is a miracle. But it all came off without a hitch to the delight of everyone.

It's a pleasure to share experiences like this with readers and to commend someone for a difficult job well done... and that's no pun.