Everyone knows Van Halen had to have bowls of M&Ms backstage, with all the brown ones removed by hand. Iggy Pop had to have broccoli and American Spirit ciggies. Prince wouldn't perform without his shot of vitamin B12 and Aerosmith wanted corn on the cob, cooked for 3 minutes only.

Like all famous people, musician Jack Johnson has his quirks. His just happens to be a passtion for eating fresh, locally and sustainably grown food. In conjunction with his massive To the Sea tour, Johnson has partnered with the Eat Well Everywhere Guide, a tool he uses, and anyone can use, to find this kind of food wherever you're going.

Johnson performs at Usana on August 13; the guide's SLC recommendations include Liberty Heights Fresh, Liberty Heights Fresh and Liberty Heights Fresh. Plus some farmers markets, bakers, CSA's, local restaurants and growers. It hardly covers it all, though. No Pago, no Forage, no Caputo's...Help Jack out and add some more Utah options to his guide.

Just click here to help Jack out with suggestions for great sustainable food in Utah.