I just got off the phone with Tami Cromar, Salt Lake's own Dough Girl, whose company name is being threatened by Pillsbury. They're afraid My Dough Girl will damage the Dough Boy's image. But it sounds like Pillsbury is completely capable of damaging its own image by displaying corporate paranoia like this.

Tami says:"Today we had calls from Associated Press, New York and Chicago, as well as three media outlets from Minneapolis, MN (Pillsbury's home town). Our story is being tracked in 15 countries and has been translated into French. We get calls and emails from Asia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Canada, etc. every day. I am willing to change our name, but... a few local SLC fans said "this isn't fair" and took it to the streets."

Or to the information highway, anyway. You go, Dough Girl.