That's right.

A pyramid-shaped funnel of sticky vanilla and sugar and egg goodness landed (on a 100-degree day) smack dab in the middle of the SLmag edit room creating the smell of good cheer and mid-winter office party scandal.

Here's the story (in photos) of our relationship with the Croquembouche (hint, we treated it like all Americans treat foreign things).

1) Speculation. What is this? Where did it come from? What does this mean?!

2) Adulation. It may not be THE God, but it could be a god.*

3) Fear. We must lop its head off before it controls us.

5) Destruction. You've met your maker Croquembouche. His name is Brad.

6) Regret. Warning: Don't wash down your Croquembouche with Dough Girls and office pizza; coma to ensue.

*You can purchase your own pastry deity at Gourmandise.