It may still feel like summer, but it's almost time to send the kiddos back to school.

Now's the time to fit in all those last minute to-do's and play dates and the Utah Olympic Park in PC wants to help out.

Print out the coupon below and experience the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics for yourself.

Zoom down the Bobsled, Zipline, or Quicksilver to cure your need for speed.

The dets:

Bronze Package - 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Silver Package - 1 Xtreme Zipline & 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Gold Package - 1 Comet Bobsled Ride, 1 Xtreme Zipline & 1 Ultra Zipline, 1 Quicksilver.

Offer valid summer 2010 season only.

Age and weight restrictions apply. Please check for restrictions, hours and possible closures/weather holds. OFFER NOT VALID ON SATURDAYS. One coupon per person accepted. Package activities cannot be split up or used by more than one person. Activities are weather dependent, may sell out and are subject to delay or cancellation without notice. Check or call 435.658.4200.