Matisyahu is amazing-there's really no other way to say it. Not only does he have a perfect, resonant, clear voice and natural sense of musicality, he's the true embodiment of unity, peace, oneness. It is the age of Aquarius (no really, it is-if you ask any astrologer or new age guru) and Matisyahu embodies all of it. (He first became attracted to reggae music, for example, because its spirituality resonated within him, and that was before Matisyahu became devoutly religious, himself. Read more from his interview, here.)

His performance at Thursday's Twilight Concert Series installment only hammered the point some more. Tens of thousands gathered in our LDS-strong city to cheer (no, scream!) for the person a colleague likes to call, "The Rapping Rabbi." And of course, Matisyahu didn't disappoint. He took the stage, slowly chanting spiritual prayers and then launched into his hip-hop, bass-driven and even sometimes kind of psychedelic style of reggae.

Here's a video, complete with what the crowd looked like from the stage (well, from below the stage where I stood). It was an intense night. Before I say more, here are some details: Matisyahu sounds as good live-if not better than-he sounds on his albums. His voice is pitch perfect and rich, the perfect reggae voice; yes, King Without a Crown and One Day (Matisyahu's major hits) sounded amazing, complete with their own, concert-ized spins and Matisyahu played for two full hours. Yup. Two hours.

Here he is singing a cool version of Got No Water. Any shakiness was due to crowd craziness. (They could not be tamed!)

Here's just a little of his opening vibe: