The last five days or so have been a blur.

Literally, a blur. I had eye surgery last Thursday'a weird procedure that wasn't Lasik or cataracts-and I haven't been able to see clearly since. I have these "bandage contacts" on my yes that throw everything out of focus.

Can't drive, can't read, can only type if I set my font size at 24.

That's left nothing for my brain to feed on except itself. And left to itself, my brain thinks about food.

So, here's a list of the top five topics my brain's been chewing on, randomly. Blilndly, you might say...

1. Synesthesia. That's a "neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway" Here's an easy explanation for kids. Or maybe the illustration will help you understand...My husband says that 4 is red and 5is blue and they are best friends. I used to have a reviewing buddy who claimed he couldn't taste the food if the restaurant was too loud. So I'm wondering, is it the trauma of the surgery that's caused my lack of appetite or is it that I can't taste because I can't see the food well, therefore food is unappealing? Discuss. (note: the explanatory picture is not intended to represent my husband's brain.)

2. Does Paula Deen really put mayonnaise in every single recipe she makes? For some reason, her show is always on when I'm at the eye doctor's office so I have had the chance (that is, been forced) to experience a TV show that America loves and I've never seen before. And so far, I haven't seen her make one single thing that didn't call for a decent-sized dollop of commercial mayo. Comments?

3. Salt Lakers love Thai curry. They love Indian curry. So why is Kimi's at Solitude the only place in SLC I've been offered Indonesian curry? The fragrantly seasoned beef Africaan comes over rice with a dish of chopped scallions, mandarin oranges and banana slices to add as you please. It's fun, delicious and-I suspect-easy on the kitchen budget.

4. What do you think they did with those 500 million eggs?? One large egg is equal to about 1/4 cup. You do the math if you want to, but I'm going to jump straight to the conclusion: no more factory-farmed eggs. Buy local, buy organic. When it comes to eggs, that means Clifford Family Farms to me. Any others?

5. Finally, a piece of news that gave my brain real fodder: how cool is it that our own Downtown Farmers Market gets national ink along with the big guys like renowned food destinations Austin, Charleston, Portland, etc. Salt Lake City is rapidly becoming a true food town. Congrats to the Market vendors! Congrats to the Downtown Alliance! Congrats to Utahns good taste!