Note: SLmag blogger Jenni Stokes was not a Snoop Dogg fan until seeing his appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. Little did she know he'd soon be appearing in SLC, which she felt was necessary to share the news with the state, while attempting to convert more Snoop fans.

Gallivan may no longer be playing host to the Twilight Concert Series, but that's not gonna stop Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube from droppin' it like it's hot tonight. Ice Cube(-izzle) gets the par-tay started on the heezie in front-a-da Wells Fargo building on the street-zy at 7:00 p.m. Snoop-dizzle hit the stage-izzle around 8:00....or whenever he feels like comin' out. Other Gangsta Luv-ers, aka opening acts, include Bobby Brackins, YG and Cali Swagg District.

In honor of Snoop in Salt Lake, here are some of our all-time (PG rated) fav Snoop moments.

How to talk like Snoop

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Snoop Dogg on Martha Stewart

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