August can't be over soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to fall like most kids look forward to Christmas. Fall boasts the best smells (crisp autumn leaves, pumpkin spice), food (squash, pies, and pumpkin beer), and activities (football, hiking the mountains through changing leaves). We say so-long to sweltering heat and set in to shorter days, structured routines, and anticipate the bset (in my opinion) holiday ever : Halloween. With just a few days left til my official fall kick off, September 1, here's a list of fall's finest fun to get you prepped for an awesome autumn. (Okay, no more alliterations, promise)

Utah State Fair (September 9-19) Pig Races and Boys II Men, need I say more? I must admit, I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, yet I've never stepped foot into the Utah State Fair. This year is the year I vow to initiate myself and take part in all the fried-up fun. Plus, there's a Fat Boy Ice Cream sandwich eating contest, which I've been training for all summer long. And the entertainment? Boys II Men. Yes, please. They may have been popular when I was like...3, but 'I Swear' the boy band phase is making an epic come-back.

Side Note: Can anyone confirm whether or not there was actually a cow sculpture made from butter at a past state fair?

Pumpkin Spiced Everything Lattes, candles, cookies. I'm a sucker for pumpkin anything. Sept. 1 is the big day for the pumpkin preview in most places, including sl-fav coffee shops frothing up my java w/ a little fall spice served alongside a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie. Talk about a healthy way to start your day.

And for an even healthy way to end the day? Uinta's Four+ Punk'n Beer. As a self-proclaimed pumpkin beer connoisseur, I have taken it upon myself to seek out the very finest of holiday pie-spiced ale. So far, the local beer has taken top honors in my book, although I'm certainly open to suggestions to challenge my decision.

Fall Football Season I look better in blue, but I bleed red. I can't say I'm a football junkie or know much about the pigskin, but I do love me some Utah football. The Ute's kick-off the season Sept. 2 at home vs. Pittsburgh at 6:30 p.m., although I'll be tailgating, one of the best parts, will begin well before then. The season, with 6 games at home, is bound to be exciting with face-offs including UNLV, New Mexico, TCU, Air-Force and the highly anticipated 'Holy War' with BYU.

The Dirty Dash And you thought The Utah County Fair was the only place you could see pig races this month. The highlight of my month takes place at Soldier Hollow, Sept. 25. I'll be running, along with 9 other SL-maggers, a 10k obstacle mud.

The first time event, which sold out in a mili-second, is hosting 4,000 dashers who are lookin' to get down and dirty for a good cause. Come watch (and pelt water balloons at) us run, slip, slide and splash our way to the finish line. The mud trudge will benefit the Soldier Hollow Legacy Foundation and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Yep, this is what we're runnin'....

The Salt Lake Greek Festival Opa! My blonde hair/green eyes/pale skin complex is certainly not that of a Greek goddess, but anyone who knows me is well aware that I have a deep desire to a) marry a Greek or b) become an honorary Greek. I have an overwhelming fascination with the culture, food, customs and fun associated with the ethnicity. The annual Greek Festival is the one time of year I can actually pretend I'm from Athens, fantasize about smashing plates and drown my Polish misfortune in Baklava. The festivities take place Sept. 9-12 in the side lot of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, located on 279 South 300 West.

...and that's just a starter list.

Now its your turn, tell us what you are most excited for this fall in the comments section below.