It's not even labor day, but the end of summer has already begun to set it. School is back in session, the sun is setting just a bit earlier and winter clothes are already on shelves. Unfortunately, this also means the plethora of outdoor concerts are coming to an end.

The ever-popular Twilight Concert Series hits it's final note with one of the most anticipated concerts of the summer: She & Him.

She & Him is an indie-folk duo comprised of M. Ward on guitars and actress turned singer Zooey Deschanel taking the mic. The mellow music is the perfect end of summer anthem with its bluesy alt-pop feel. Deschanel brings a hint of '50s flare with her deep, soothing lyrics and doe-eyed expressions and M. Ward strums along in perfect unison. The music is flowery and soft, evoking an care-free attitude in their light-hearted lyrics.

Deschanel is best known for her role in 'Elf' and the Sundance favorite, '500 Days of Summer'. She croons on both of the movie soundtracks, making "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and The Smith's, "Please, Let Me Get What I Want" sound even sweeter than the originals.

Whether you come for the music or the scene, don't miss the last Twilight Concert of the season. The Dum Dum Girls open the show at 7:00 p.m., gates open at 5:00. Admission is, as always, free.