Today they say I'll be able to see again, so the weekend will be joyful, joyful.

What am I going to do? 1. Eat al fresco. This is the sublime time to eat outside; hot days make cool nights even better. Favorite outdoor patios right now: Kimi's Mountainside Bistro at Solitude. Right at the foot of the ski slope, a green hill in the summer, with a fireplace in the middle of the table in case the evening gets chilly, a good chance of sighting grazing moose while you dine, and a menu that includes some fantastic dishes like this grilled salmon on greens with nuts, dried fruits and goat cheese.

2. Go see Lion King . The groundbreaking musical has breathtaking costumes and puppets designed by the brilliant Julie Taymor, which by themselves I expect to be worth the ticket price. I've wanted to see it forever

If you take your tickets or receipt with you and dine at Faustina before the show, you'll get a free appetizer. Like a mini lobster pot pie, king crab in gazpacho, chicken pillow pastry, polenta and short rib...

Sunday, I'll be judging at the Park Silly Sunday Market St. Regis

3. Sunday I'll be judging the St. Regis Chef's Competition at Park Silly Sunday Market, starting around 1 on lower Main Street. Come see me! I'll be able to see your!