Let's rewind 20 years. For me, 1990 marked my senior year of high school, and '91, my first year on the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team. When I was 17, I whisked myself off to Italy for my first World Cup. Big memories. But then like any spectacular movie-or scene for that matter, my experiences had a soundtrack and for this particular period of time, it was The Black Crowes and their first studio album, Shake Your Money Maker.

For starters, who could forget it! The record went multi-platinum with over three million copies sold. And singles like, She Talks to Angels, Hard to Handle, Twice as Hard, and Jealous Again literally ruled the radio waves-not to mention my cd player, thank you very much.

And now tonight, The Black Crowes will be here to rule Salt Lake City. Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson reassembled the rest of their band (there were some fires and hires in 2006 and '07), and now they're as strong as ever. They released Croweology, an all-acoustic album on August 3 of this year, and their recent "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" concerts have received rave reviews. At most shows, the Crowes play two full 90-minute sets for acoustic and electric respectively. That's a lot of music-about 20 years worth, we'd say.

If that's not enough to get you to The Depot tonight, know that the band is planning another hiatus after this year's final concert in San Francisco (hence the name of the tour). So go score some memories, with a soundtrack of your own.

(Until then, enjoy this preview-or really, blast from the past:)

WHEN: Tuesday, August 31, 9 PM

WHERE: The Depot, 13 North 400 West, SLC

HOW: Visit depotslc.com