What's the dealio? (Who sang that song anyways?)

In honor of 'Twitter Tuesday' (we just made that up, awesome, right?) We pulled off some dealio's rollin' up on our twitter feed just in time to share them with our peeps.

Meditrina: When ya gotta sing, ya gotta sing. And beer is usually involved. Meditrina's got all your bases covered tonight with their monthly poetry reading and open mic night from 9-10 p.m. But the real deal? Uinta Beers (delicious, liquid courage to calm those pre-song nerves) are only $2.50 all day long

Slow Train: So you don't want to sing it out at open mic night? Let someone do it for ya. Today's the last day of Slow Train's 'Back to School' sale. Cheap grooves ($9.99? Yeah!) will certainly help get you through the week.

Out2NailYa! : Indulgence on a dime. Half priced pedicure's all day Wednesday, cause summer's not over yet....which means sandals are still allowed, only if your toes are pretty though.

Got Beauty?: Pretty toes require pretty shoes. Got Beauty is 'kicking-off' their $9 shoe sale tomorrow, with....yep $9 shoes.

Iceberg Drive Inn: Whoever said that twitter fad was bad had it allll wrong. Iceberg is rewarding their tweeps with a special deal: Buy a burger + shake and get a free fry/onion ring order. Follow them on the twitter-machine to get some grub.

Windy Ridge: Taco Tuesday! $2 Tacos and loads of guac. served up w/ a side of cerveza is the perfect end to a looong (tues)day.

Side Note: Everytime we are at overcapacity can we just throw up the fail whale and take a break too?

And just because we brought the fail whale up, it might be essential to share the best/worst tattoo of all time:

......Happy Tuesday.