Friday night, I'll be wailin and Willying at Red Butte Gardens with the patron saint singer-songwriter from my home state.

Thinking of packing a Lone Star-style picnic supper with jalapeno-dripped fried chicken, kahlua brownies and Shiner Bock. Maybe some cold Dr Pepper...

On Saturday, I'll be judging the Chef Showdown at the Downtown Farmers Market in Pioneer Park. You'll be there anyway because you want to pick up some peaches, which seem to be more delicious this year than ever before. (Do I say that every year? Maybe. It's hard to hold the memory of a fresh peach.)

We ate some-with a gorgeous scoop of creme fraiche-on top of waffles from Bruges across the street from the market this week. OMG. We ate some stuffed with amaretti and egg and baked for a minute or two. We ate them over almond ice cream and we ate them out of hand. Maybe I'll make peach hand pies for the Willie Nelson picnic, instead of the brownies.

Anyway, about the competition-Nathan Powers from Bambara (last year's champion), Jerry Liedtke from The Tin Angel and Charlie Perry from Eva will cook 3 courses in 3 hours; I'll be tasting with Ted Sheffler (CIty Weekly) and Kathy Stephenson (Salt Lake Tribune) around 12:30. This is the official kickoff to the fall season of Downtown Dine O Round.

No one ever said it better than Guy Clark, in his ode to homegrown tomatoes. Take a minute to give it a listen.

One of the simplest ideas for a celebration, ever, and one of the best-Wasatch Gardens' Annual Tomato Sandwich Party. Homemade pesto, fresh Crumb Brothers bread and never-ever refrigerated heirloom tomatoes straight from the garden. At the Grateful Tomato Garden (800 S. 600 East) from 11-2. The Grateful Tomato Garden is half community garden and half youth garden. The garden is divided into 40 beautiful and productive garden plots (4x40) with a natural spring in the middle of the garden and a strawbale greenhouse on the east side.

Also on Saturday, Whole Foods Road Tour stops at the Park City Whole Foods store. Meet the folks-people like Angela Cox from Cox Honey-behind the food and enjoy samples, music, conversation, a grilled lunch and great groceries.

Plus face-painting for the kids.

(Sometimes I think I could add that phrase on to every event I write about. There will be face painting at the Tomato Sandwichc Party, too, and for all I know, at the Farmers Market. Do kids even like face-painting that much? I went all the way through childhood without having my face painted once. I wonder if I could get my face painted to look like Willie Nelson?)