The rain cleared and the sun came out for a few bright minutes before dusk yesterday, making a chilly but not damp setting for the annual Zoo Rendezvous fundraiser. Wine in hand, we sampled spring rolls from J Wong, steak and mushrooms from Ruth's Chris, pulled pork from Wild Grape as we visited with Madagascar tortoise, a one-eyed sawhet owl and the big boa, who is so large she requires two handlers.

I just love to drink wine and look at animals.

We also had a chance to see how much Zuri had grown since her debut at last year's Rendezvous-she's gained a healthy 700 pounds, but still looks tiny compared to her mom, Kristy, who nibbled from her own hay buffet while Zuri turned around in circles, walked a balance beam and did every trick she knows over and over in the hopes of getting a treat. I don't know how 950 pounds can be so cute, but she is. Go see.

Thanks to Francie Aufdemorte for the photos.