The place I get all my comics, Dr. Volts, will have four comic book pros signing books this weekend, and they'll have sales on comic merch.

Mandalorian Mercs, yep, the same kind from Star Wards, will also be at the event for photo opps. It's all this Saturday, Sept. 18. Dr. Volts, 2043 E. 3300 South.

The pros:

Jeff Parker (writer and artist). Work has appeared in Atlas, Thunderbolts and Hulk.

Our suggestion, pick up Thunderbolts #114 for Parker to sign. It has Luke Cage on the cover looking bad ass as ever and plenty of white space for a personal message along with the autograph.

Gabriel Hardman (artist). Work has appeared in Atlas, Skarr: Son of Hulk and Hulk (alongside Parker).

Have Hardman sign his collab with author Corinna Sara Bechko, Heathentown. We know you've probably never heard of it, so lets just say Anna travels to a mysterious small town for a friends funeral where death isn't what it seems. Published by Image.

Derek Hunter is the Utah creator of sort of a cross between South Park and Dennis the Menace, Pirate Club.

He also just published a biography on himself being a's called Derek Hunter is a F**ck. Make him sign it.

Jake Black (writer). Credits include Supergirl and the TV show Smallville.

The next best thing to Tom Welling signing your 9th season box set of Smallville is having Jake Black sign it. Well, maybe it's actually Michael Rosenbaum...but Black would be on the list somewhere, too. He worked on some extra features in the episodes 'Blur' and the aptly named 'Kneel Before Zod.'