Bobcat Goldthwait, one of the best screaming comics from the '80s, makes his way to Wiseguys Comedy Cafe this weekend, and you need to be there. I will. Shows are 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday and the same times Saturday.

He doesn't really scream anymore, but that's never what really made Bobcat funny. It has always been his jokes, and any shakes, squeals or awkward breaths were just there for delivery.

If you haven't, rent his newest movie World's Greatest Dad before the show, starring long-time fellow comedian/friend Robin Williams. He's also directed episodes of Chappelle's Show, the Man Show and Crank Yankers. Bobcat has been a guest on Kimmel and Letterman and is known for setting Jay Leno's chair on fire.

In fact, that last claim to fame kicks off our top five reasons to see Bobcat this weekend:

1. Jay Leno's Chair Fire

Bobcat gave his response to critics asking why he set Jay Leno's chair on fire in his 1995 HBO Comedy Special. "I don't have a f***in' clue why," he said. The fire was actually put out with some water and didn't cause much damage, but Bobcat still paid a fine, replaced the chair and gave public service announcements about being safe with fire.

2. Opened for Nirvana

The comic opened for Nirvana on their last North American tour, which our Web Editor Andrew Pridgen says he saw at the Cow Palace in San Francisco on New Year's Eve, 1994. When I tried to confirm the date with Pridgen, he only responded with "Come on, Jaime. This is history." Nirvana thanks Bobcat in the liner notes of their album In Utero.

3. Shakes the Clown

Since 1992, Bobcat has been in charge of numerous productions, but nobody will forget his directorial debut Shakes the Clown. The tagline is "Loved by children. Desired by women. Adored by bartenders everywhere." and it's commonly known as the greatest alcoholic clown movie ever. Also stars Julie Brown, Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin, Florence Henderson and Adam Sandler.

4. Godzilla on One Crazy Summer

John Cusack plays a cartoonist who falls for a singer/songwriter played by Demi Moore, and Bobcat Goldthwait is the comic relief. Probably the most memorable Bobcat moment of the film is when he gets stuck in a Godzilla costume and later destroys a development plan complete with Japanese-style explosions.

5. Arsenio Hall Show role reversal

It was like Freaky Friday. Aresnio Hall and Bobcat Goldthwait suddenly reversed roles in his appearance on the show to promote Shakes the Clown.