...Bonus points if you can find out why SmithsTix isn't selling Saturday's Devil Whale show at Urban Lounge on its Web site.

Sorta tempted to throw down $40 (yep) for the In the Venue Smashing Pumpkins show Friday - you know just to see how old everyone (in the audience and on stage) looks; albeit, the lineup is like Axl Rose's iteration of Guns 'n Roses; front man plus new-to-you backing band; so long Chicago originals D'Arcy, James Iha and Jimmy Chamberlain - hello, Jeff Schroeder (guitar), Nicole Fiorentino (bass) and 20-year-old drummer Mike Byrne.

Well, we'll always have Drown:

So, Devil Whale (with Alaskan-bred opener Matt Hopper = a must-see live) it is.

Only thing is, we can't find tix online. Boo.