Happen to catch Neil Patrick Harris hosting 'Fashion's Night Out' last night on TV? If not, you didn't miss much viewing wise, although the concept was pretty cool. The deal: get out in the big cities and get great deals on high end styles and a glimpse into the stylish surprising for the upcoming fashion season. NPH led the pack of raging, fashion-hungry ladies as they crowded the streets of NYC and bought croc-skin bags and white leather pant suits (this actually happened). And yes, I watched all 60 minutes of this.

Salt Lake is taking the concept and scaling it down for our city. Tonight is the official kickoff party for the Fall Fashion Stroll. The fundraiser is a showcase of the newest fashion creations from local designers. The event takes place at the SL Art Center, where you can compete with your fabulously dressed counterparts on the artist-created mini-golf course, which is only open for a few more weeks. Each hole on the course will also feature an outfit designed by an SLC fashion Stroll artist to complement the theme/feel. 9 of the outfits will be presented by Stroll artists and 9 spots will be available to local boutiques and businesses.

Come drink, dance and take a swing with the local design community and fashion lovers alike. Just leave the white leather suit at home. Stylista's must RSVP for the event, which will only take the first 150. The event is free for the first 100 RSVPs, although donations for the Fashion Stroll are greatly appreciated, and general admission tickets are $5.

The stroll starts tonight at 7:00 p.m. Click here for more information.