Time to buy a new house? You are probably preparing the check-list of requirements: Covered garage? Check. No Astroturf? Check. Fancy cold-to-hot-in-.3957 seconds spigot? Check.

And the big one? Location. Location. Location. Tree lined streets and close to the kiddo's school plays a big role, but what about disaster resistance? You know, that whole Wasatch Fault thing? Or what about the potential of living in a city prone to hurricanes, fires, floods or even....egg recalls.

In the past nine months the United States has declared 67 incidents as major disasters (or so says FEMA). Major disasters are caused by anything from wind to tectonic plate movement to oil spillage...things that don't necessarily cross your mind when deciding where to live.

TheStreet just released a study of the five least disaster-prone locations across the globe....findings might surprise you. (hint: Utah makes an appearance!)

The top spot goes to one of the "Survivor" island locations, Palau, which has logged one single disaster, ever (Typhoon Mike hit the island in 1990). The island is strategically positioned right outside the Pacific typhoon zone, leaving it unharmed. Unfortunately, land is sparse and comes with a heft price tag.

Can't go live on Palau? Here's your next best (or even better) option: Utah.

That's right, Utah ranked number 4 on the list, logging only seven major disasters in the past 57 years. The disasters that we have experienced in the state are mostly due to severe storms (flooding, fire, you get the picture). Another perk....Utah property remains relatively cheap in comparison cities of similar size.

The other contenders: the Marshall Islands, Rhode Island, and our neighbor state, Wyoming.

...just another reason to stick around the state.