There are few great bands that are as forward-looking now as they were, say, thirty years ago. And there are few bands that have been able to stand each other as long while putting out quality albums. They are a band loved by both younger chillwave fans as much as us older folk, who spent their youth B.A.C. (Before Animal Collective). Sonic Youth's last album was appropriately titled The Eternal, and that they are. Always true to their concept-driven, underground, avant-garde aesthetic, and never boring, they are noise rock's darlings, and they made my summer last year, as they did many hundreds of others who watched them perform at the Gallivan Center, what I would deem as the headlining show for the series as a whole. They are a band who, really, needs no introduction, and they are a performance to be witnessed in any rock-lover's lifetime. They, quite frankly, put on a great show.

Which is why we are lucky to have them grace the stage tomorrow night, Tuesday, Oct.5,  at In The Venue. Buy your tickets before you miss your chance at any smithstix or at Slowtrain (cash only).