It used to be more common that people made their own Halloween costumes. Right? Or was that just my own frugal, DIY upbringing? Rather than wait until the last minute, thus having to buy the last mullet wig from Walgreens, or, lucky they still have them in stock, giant foam cowboy hat from the Costume Closet, start getting crafty. Here are our top five art-inspired costumes to get you creative, original and the talk of the party. Because who wants to dress up like another Naughty Nurse when you can be the Mona Lisa?

Step inside Rene Magritte's painting with the use of some common materials lying around the house: one green apple, a bowler hat, an overcoat and some foilage snipped from your fake plant to tie the green apple (somehow) in front of your face. It'll be surreal.

Go pop, comic-book style, as one of Roy Lichtenstein's ladies. Materials: really yellow wig, face paint, a polka-dot dress.

Your mock-up of photo artist Phillip Toledano's creation will give your friends nightmares for weeks. Start searching every Deseret Industries for every baby doll you can find. And pray nobody else has the same idea. This one's sure to be memorable. Materials: dolls and some serious glue.

A tamer, more abstract Mondrian might be more your taste. Find someone who can sew.

And finally, Michelangelo's ever-enigmatic Mona Lisa. Paint a really bad copy of her body, cut a hole out for the face, and voila: Art! Materials: paints, crayons, whatever; canvas or cardboard; your face.