Packing peanuts and a garbage bag make an easy sushi Halloween costume, and now two local sushi restaurants invite kids to dress up their food as well.

Mikado's Bountiful and South Towne locations teach kids and parents to make Jack-o'-lantern nigiri (rice formed into an oval instead of the regular rectangle shape), spiders from mochi ice cream (sweet pounded rice around an ice cream ball) and traditional California roles.

Spooktacular Sushi 10-11 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 23 255 N. 500 West, Bountiful 10395 S. State Street, Sandy

Call Mikado's parent company, Watkins, to reserve your spot, $30 for one adult and two kids. The class is capped at 20 participants or about seven families. Sign up now, because spaces won't last.

All students will leave with a tummy full of sushi and a certificate for free mochi, Cali or nigiri rolls. "Half the fun is making the sushi, and the other half is eating," says Larissa Werick, finance and planning director.

Mikado opened the two locations a year and a half ago to compliment it's successful Cottonwood location. Sushi classes used to be regular, but tapered off after a while. Hopefully, this is the start of more to come.

"I think there's definitely the possibility of more classes," Werick says. "It gives our chefs a chance to be really creative."