I dropped by almost a dozen local crafts and decor stores this morning to find the top five local decor items you need this Halloween...or at least the ones I like the best. Oct. 31 is coming fast, so I picked both high-end and low-end items for any finishing touches on your decor.

1. Modern Display 424 S. 700 East, SLC

The graveyard/zombie scene in front of the store caught my attention and actually complimented what was inside. Don't let the new Christmas displays fool you, Halloween is still in full swing at the store.

Look at the store's Halloween village, tons of tiny, spooky houses with skeletons walking the streets and a huge graveyard scene. Modern Display will sell you what you need to make your own at about $125 per building. Yeah, it's expensive, but the detail is amazing. Just don't say Beetlejuice.

2. Pottery Barn 490 Trolley Square, SLC

I know it's a chain, but take a look at these pics, and you'll see why I picked it.

This woven pumpkin with lights inside is perfect for going with a more rustic look, which can carry on through Thanksgiving. Get yours for $99. Once again, a lot of money, but it will look a lot better than you gathering twigs and making your own.

Not enough money for the pumpkin? These crafted rats go for only $6 and are more cute than creepy, so buy a lot of them and put one in every room.

3. Upon the Shelf at Gardner Village 1100 W. 7800 South, West Jordan

This witch is nice enough to sit out all day and welcome every single visitor to Gardner Village. In fact, it's witch season at the village and you'll see them anywhere. Stop and take photos with all the green ladies while you shop.

You'll find tons of Happy Halloween signs anywhere you shop, but this one's pretty unique. The witch hands, eye balls and legs make it something to put on your doorstep every year. Upon the Shelf sells it for $19.99.

4. Georgell Doll Shop at Gardner Village

Georgell sells all the latest dolls for serious collectors, but not many toys, so watch your kids closely and come back Christmas for even more decorative dolls with a holiday theme.

This Georgell doll comes with a Middleburg Dutch Dress and dark hat with veil. Pick this one if you're going for a more subtle look this Halloween, or pick one of the stores other dolls wearing pumpkin dresses and witch outfits.

5. Quilted Bear 145 W. 7200 South, Midvale

After looking up and down all the aisles at the Quilted Bear, I finally stumbled on this knit ghost, $13.50, and knit frog in a cauldron, $15. Not too many of them, so get over there quick if you'd like to add them to your display.

These giant acrons hanging from your trees will help set your fall theme and compliment your ghosts, witches and Jack-'o-lanterns.