In 1960, U.S. Navy Captain Don Walsh and his co-pilot Jacques Piccard, apparently on some sort of submariner dare, dropped the Trieste (a deep-water bathyscape) into the Mariana Trench (near Guam) to a record depth of 35,798 feet (under water). On the expedition, Walsh strapped a Rolex Deep Sea Special to the hull of the bathyscape. Way cooler than just giving it to a gorilla.

Anyway. The Watch.

No. Not THAT watch. This one right below.

The watch totally still works. It survived all the pressure (eight tons, per square inch!) those glow-in-the-dark fish and scary things at the bottom of the sea and an exhibit and the brave watch are coming to town for an exclusive eight-day stand at O.C. Tanner.

Along with the watch there's an exhibit about the dive, the two men who survived it, and the bathyscape itself (not the actual bathyscape though, it's really big and in a museum about Navy stuff, the U.S. Naval Museum, actually).

Check it out Thursday, Oct. 28 through Monday, Nov. 3. at the O.C. Tanner store (15 S. State Street)

Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Saturday from noon - 5 p.m.

This guy is not coming to the public exhibit (although he'll be at some private ones for people who can afford Rolexes that can go to the bottom of the ocean). But he is pretty Steve Zissou, right?