The Holy War plays out in SLC on Nov. 27, just before the Utes enter the Pac-10 and the Cougs go independent. BYU and Utah fans are gearing up for the ultimate rivalry game.

Meanwhile, Utah's high school teams enter their quarter finals, and older fans are excited to see their former team on the field once again.

But for a lot of Utah's players, football is so much more than just a game or future career.

Director Tony Vainuku and Spyhop grad/producer Erika Cohn are working on a film about four of Utah's young Polynesian football players, escaping gang violence and poverty through football. The film follows the athletes as they enter a new high-pressure world.

Executive producer, Geralyn Dreyfous of the SLC Film Center invites the community to support the project and meet the filmmakers and cast at an upcoming fundraiser.

"In Football We Trust" Fundraiser 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 4 3824 S. Villa Drive, SLC More about the project.

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